The Complete System To Find Your Readers With Facebook Ads

This remarkable course starts with steps you can easily follow –the first step is helping you build and upload your lead magnet, then setting you up on an email platform, next is helping you create a Facebook ad and integrating that ad with your email list, and lastly automating your campaigns and email flows with every new subscriber. There is also plenty of bonus material such as author takeover structure, book teasers, email templates, etc.

Everything you’d ever need to actually “make it” as an author is inside my brand-new Grow Your Reader Audience With Facebook Ads Bundle.


Lead Magnets 

  • What is a Lead Magnet
  • Disseminating Lead Magnets
  • Spying on your competitors
  • Evergreen Freebie
  • Privacy Policy Template


Email Platforms 

  • Setting up an account
  • Creating an Audience
  • Segments
  • Templates


Facebook Ads 

  • Step-by-Step - Creating a Facebook Ad
  • Choosing the right campaign objective
  • How much money to put into your ad
  • Creating Audiences
  • Detailed Targeting
  • Find Readers in a Desired Location
  • Target the Readers of Your Competitors
  • Ad Placements



  • Connecting Your Facebook Ad with Your Email Platform
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Custom audience
  • Magnet Freebie
  • Segments

Campaigns / Email Flows 

  • Creating Campaigns
  • Email Templates Designs
  • Welcome Series Emails
  • Setting Up Your Trigger
  • Uploading Subscribers
  • Automation - Instant Emails


Bonus Content

  • Facebook Author Takeovers 
  • Book Teasers Creation
  • Email Sequence Template– Request For Review 
  • Ideas For Emails 
  • Build Your Amazon Reviews in 2 Weeks 

This course will redefine the way you spend your time on marketing, promotion and most of all, your writing!

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So you can continue to use these trainings for the rest of your career as an Author!

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What our students say...

  • Carrie Weston

    "I love the Grow Your Reader Audience With Facebook Ad and how easy the course is. Alex literally guides you step by step with examples featuring arrows to point out the button your require to find. The whole idea of starting an email newsletter and integrating it with Facebook had me totally overwhelmed to begin with but with Alex's help I have found myself learning so much."

  • Alexandra Iff

    Thank you so much! I finally have the flow set up properly! I struggled for a year to figure this one out and it was so simple at the end! New readers from my facebook ad getting directly into my mailing list, and the email trigger flow I set. Perfect! I got so much more time to write now!


Alex Isevski is a Marketing Strategist and a Mentor, a mother of two, a wife to an amazing husband and a true believer in the power of promotion. "Anything is possible for everyone out of full participation in the art of Marketing." Alex is an Associate Lecturer at the Business School at London South Bank University and a Business Advisor at University College London, supporting graduate startups. Promoting books is her forte, and so she dabbles in writing, too. Connect with her on LinkedIn and say hello.